LAUBESTORES is a brand with its headquarters in Santiago de Chile where we design and manufacture high quality garments with an impeccable cut.

We make in small quantities for the visionary woman of today. We manufacture with the best materials as noble as possible and we design with special attention to detail.

Each design is made to accompany you as you move through your world in your own style. Our designs can be layered or worn separately, and many of our pieces can change shape on the fly, offering endless silhouettes for every type of weather or situation.

There is trust in our designs: elegance with a touch of ingenuity, functionality and above all play.

We make limited edition collections to control our quality. Each design is a true homage to the classic as an innovative work of art in itself.

Spirit Laube and its collections

The collection is a constant search for that balance that you only know you found when you feel that this great puzzle has been put together. Its pieces fit, the looks work, there is a little color missing here, textures here, but you already feel it... that's it The Laube spirit is present. Laube is free but balanced.

It moves between the masculine and the feminine with comfort...

"Less is More", that is her philosophy of life. She attaches great importance to aesthetics, but comfort and quality are immeasurable for her. We want to reach all kinds of women, at different moments of their lives, that is our permanent challenge.

Team Laube